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6520: Son in Haiti doing great! (fwd)

From: Rosann Clements <rosann@onemain.com>

To all my dear cyber friends in Corbett Land...
I am still amazed at how wonderful and kind so many of you were to either
inquire about my son or to actually visit him...and even some who brought
him so many wonderful...treats! One of you even patted his back and taught
him how it would help get the fluid out of his lungs...You are all too
With this high caliber of people on the list...I wonder if Haiti really
isn't a Jewel with so many people who love her and her people! Who are
willing to make the world a little better...by helping one person at a time!
I talked to him Christmas morning and he had been released from the hospital
was recovering at the mission Pres. house...He is now back at his apt.
He wanted me to write you all and let you know how much those visits and
treats meant to him. He sends his humble thanks and knows you helped cheer
him up and recover quicker with all you good wishes!
I am so happy to be on this list with so many Great People who are truly
Angels in disguise!
Rosann :)