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6512: RE: 6506 (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Maxetluc surely does digress!
         It may be that some of his ilk have moved out of Petion-Ville, but 
     the city is far from having been abandoned by the "wealthy" families. 
     Petion-Ville, just like most  cities, includes "sub-divisions" or 
     communities if you like, which are surely communities of *very* 
     wealthy persons. Just take a drive through Morne Calvaire, for 
     example, and see the *mansions* which have been built in the past four 
     or five years. Or peek-in at Berthe or Mountain Noir or Juvenat, and I 
     think that will change anyone's mind.
        The Mews Family still lives in Petion-Ville. The Khwaley's are 
     still here. The Boulos's and the Abraham's and the George's and the 
     Ewald's and the Hudicourt's and the Preval's and the Noel's and the 
     Arnaud's...and most of the old families of the "landed aristocracy" 
     are still in Petion-Ville.
        And the comments about Christmas celebrations are "way-off-base".
     This Christmas season saw the biggest display of lights  and 
     decorations in Petion-Ville for the past 14 years. Place St. Pierre 
     was aglow with lights and decorations. There was a big and beautiful 
     Christmas tree in front of the City Hall. The streets were filled with 
     lights and decorations...and this during a time when most of us have 
     no electricity. This was a happy Christmas...the happiest I have seen 
     since I lived here.
        I asked one of the young men of our community why it was that there 
     was such a better and bigger and happier celebration of Christmas this 
     year...so many more lights, etc. His answer was: "Because Aristide is 
     back"! I think that pretty-much sums-it-up!
        And we don't believe in those "evil spirits" which get scared-away 
     by firecrackers! Most evil spirits are generally not afraid of noise 
     or sparkles. The fireworks were plentiful and beautiful, and the only 
     ones who were scared by them were my dogs!
        When will this constant criticism stop? We want to be happy, and 
     this Christmas celebration was a good sign of our desire. Please leave 
     us alone...please!