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6544: please post (fwd)

From: Joanis <joanis@sympatico.ca>

The Ecole Superieure Catholique de Droit de Jeremie, a highly regarded
law school in Haiti, is planning a conference March 16-17, 2001, to
explore creative
solutions for reforming the prison system.

The conference will specifically consider options for alternative ways
to house young
offenders and alternative types of sentencing.  In Haiti, people accused
of crimes often
are incarcerated for long periods of time before being tried.  While
jailed and awaiting
trial, they must rely on family members to bring them food as the prison
system does not
feed them at this stage.

We will be examining the issues from many different angles, including
considering the importance of constitutional and international human
rights.  The outcome of the conference will involve a set of
recommendations to the government.

We are still looking for some presenters.  If you want to contribute,
please conact the North American coordinator, Pierre Joanis:

Thank you.