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6554: Re: Simidor comments: Bryant replies

From: Greg and Susan Bryant <gregandsusan@rainbowtel.net>

This paragraph is hard for me to understand because some of the terms are
used in a context that's new to me:

>international solidarity movement ought to listen up when within any given 
>country, civil society, the independent press, the grassroots movement, the 
>democratic opposition and a majority of intellectuals insist that something 
>is amiss.  Unless it reassesses its position, the Haiti solidarity movement 
>risks becoming an appendage to a populist regime that is becoming 
>increasingly more repressive and subservient to US imperialism.  

Can I get some specific defining examples of the following terms as the
author understands them? Say, two or three individuals or groups in each
category that are fairly representative:

- the international solidarity movement
- civil society
- the independent press
- the grassroots movement
- the democratic opposition
- intellectuals
- the Haiti solidarity movement

Greg Bryant