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6571: Re: 6557: Dorce to Knowles (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 01/06/2001 6:24:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, Phil Knowles 
<Phildk@prodigy.net writes:

<< But look, let's say, for the moment, it IS the USA's fault -  the
 illiteracy, lack of jobs, poor justice system, lack of electricity, and so
 on.  If we all agree on that much, we can stop squabbling and move on, so
 we -  the 800 or 1000 people here on the Haiti Forum  -  can make our voices 
heard in a positive way  to influence US policies, so the US is helping 
instead of hurting Haiti!   THAT would be really an accomplishment, and I'm 
all for it.  >>
Maybe this is where we are not communicating very well.   I can't speak for 
everyone who posted on this issue, but I doubt seriously if they are saying 
that the US is responsible for lack of literacy, lack of jobs, poor justice 
system, unreliable utilities and the myriad other problems that plague Haiti. 
 I am saying, and I am guessing so are Carol Henrius and Martine Jean, that 
what problems Haiti has, have been exacerbated by US meddling and support of 
disruptive groups that block Haiti's progress.   The best interests of the 
USA seem to be at odds with the best interests of the Haitian majority.   In 
Haiti, they have elected a leader who, I hope, will eschew the best interests 
of the US and take care of the best interests of Haiti.  Something no other 
Haitian leader has ever done.  

The other issue of exactly what we are doing here on the Corbett list, is an 
interesting one.  Are we supposed to be agents of change, whose aim is 
identifying problems and brainstorming solutions, then finding ways to 
implement them?  Are we a discussion group whose goal is sharing our 
observations with each other and clarifying our positions?  Are we studying 
Haiti and coming up with theses, papers worthy of publishing?   I think many 
of us have different reasons for posting on and/or reading the Corbett List.  
 Perhaps these differences are part of the problem when we try to understand 
each other and what we individually are trying to accomplish.   Personally, I 
feel there is a place for all kinds of posters with different goals and 
objectives.   I have a problem with this list making demands on anyone in 
Haiti.  In my opinion, that is not our business.  But I would be all for 
putting some serious pressure on the US government, especially the 
Republicans so vocal against Aristide and Haitian sovereignty.  I am also for 
any kind of education of the American people (who tend to resist learning 
anything about anything outside of their sphere of experience and daily 
lives) about what the US is doing in Haiti and other Third World countries.   

I don't see what we are doing as squabbling.  I see it as presenting 
different perspectives on the same issues.  The Corbett List is a place to 
find out what's happening in Haiti, I do SO appreciate those who post from 
there.  It is a place to talk about the things that are important to us.  It 
is a community in a way, and I get a lot out of being in it.  

Kathy Dorce~