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6576: Antoine responds to Morse's question on the parliamentary election (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

Richard Morse said:

"I'm wondering if Mr. Guy Antoine could give us a brief analysis of 
the parliamentary election campaign that took place in Haiti before 
the May elections. It might give us some insight as to why certain 
sectors feel a need for a "parallel democracy".

I am very much troubled by the parliamentary election campaign 
that took place before the May elections, perhaps not for the 
reasons that you may have in mind.  My primary level of concern 
has to do with the number of assassinations that occurred (I believe 
14 or 15), culminating with the death of one of my personal heroes, 
Jean L. Dominique. In most, if not all, of those cases, there was a 
police investigation started, and with time the memory of the fallen, 
along with news of the investigation, started to recede.  But not the 
overwhelming sense of impunity.  There are plenty of criminals 
running amok in Haiti, it seems.

How much were those murders tied to the electoral process? I do 
not know, though I have read the high flying accusations from left, 
right, and center. One thing is certain: This level of impunity existed 
before that period, going back to God knows when, and continues 
to this day.  I consider this the number one problem in Haiti, along 
with so many Haitians' propensity for blood letting.

We need forensic experts, we need highly trained investigators, we 
need a competent police force, we need a revamped judicial system, 
steeped in reverence of the constitution and imbued with a sense of 
institutional integrity.  Finally, we need to develop a national sense
of respect for the life and rights of ALL Haitians, regardless of their
origins or economic condition.

Does this mean we need a "parallel democracy" as you say certain 
sectors feel is necessary?  Frankly, I'd rather have you come up 
with the analysis.  The parallelism makes no sense to me.  I am not 
easily swayed by political or ideological propaganda.  All I can say 
is: make less noise, find the criminals, and lock them up. Believe me, 
I know it ain't that easy.  But that is the true revolution Haiti needs 
right now.  End of impunity.

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti