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6578: Article on CIA in Haiti (fwd)

From: Elizabeth McAlister <emcalister@mail.wesleyan.edu>

These articles were recently published on Haiti.  The first one from the
Professional Bulletin of Special Warfare looks like it may interest anybody
wanting information on the CIA in Haiti.  But I have not read these yet.
For copies, consult a good reference library.        Happy New Year to all
list members!!!

JT Special warfare :  the professional bulletin of
DA Wint 2000 v 13 n 1
PG 26
AU Rubini, Daniel L.
AU Cleary, Michael J.
TI Judicial Intervention in Haiti: The CA Ministerial Advisory Teams.

>JT American anthropologist
>DA SEP 01 2000 v 102 n 3
>PG 449
>AU Fluehr-Lobban, Carolyn
>TI Antenor Firmin: Haitian Pioneer of Anthropology.

>JT The new york times upfront
>DA JAN 01 2001 v 133 n 9
>PG 8
>TI Conflict Resolution.
>SU Disputed elections in Yugoslavia, Haiti, and the Ivory Coast caused rioting
>   and bloodshed. Why did the U.S. keep its cool?

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