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6583: Slavin Responds to Archim on Izmery (fwd)

From: pslavin@unicefusa.org

For the record, Pere Archim is incorrect when he stated that the 1993 Sacre 
Coeur service that Antoine Izmery organized was a memorial for the late Georges 
Izmery. The service commemorated the victims of the 1988 St. Jean Bosco 
massacre, and was held on the same day as the St. Jean Bosco attack (Sept. 11, 
I believe). I am sure other victims of political violence were honored at the 
service, which was celebrated by Pere Antoine Adrien, but St. Jean Bosco was 
the service's main point. Other comments on the list that Antoine organized the 
service to show the absurdity of the Governors Island "reconciliation" process 
are correct. Also for the record, and as many on the list know, Antoine was 
forced out of the Sacre Couer service at gunpoint and executed on the street.