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6603: Re:6583 (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Dear List Members,
        For the record, "Pere Archim" is *not* incorrect because "Pere 
     Archim" was there. Possibly Patrick Slavin is unaware of the fact that 
     a mass in the RC Church can have many intentions, one of which, in 
     this case, was the remembrance of George, Antoine Izmery's brother! As 
     I  remember, there was also commemoration of the massacre, etc., but 
     that was merely another of the intentions for the mass. Yes, Pere 
     Adrian Antoine celebrated the mass, but other clergymen were also 
     present. The clergy at Sacre Coeur were "warned" not to commemorate 
     the St. John Bosco massacre, so the emphasis was made on the memorial 
     of George in order to (hopefully) get around the warning. I would be 
     happy to send a photo of the aftermath of the service, with me 
     standing outside the church...along with the parish pastor (I forget 
     his name for the moment), over the dead body of Antoine....dead in the 
        I hesitate to mention other names of those who were present...and 
     even of other friends of Antoine's, but suffice it to say that I knew 
     Antoine personally, have been to his house in Laboule...just up the 
     hill from the Economart, on many occasions...before and after his 
     death. One of the young fellows (a boy at that time) who lived in 
     Antoine's house, now lives with us.  
        I am not wrong regarding the intention of the mass, but I accept 
     the fact that there were other intentions. I was there to honor the 
     memory of George; were you there?