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6613: Haiti-DR environmental project gets formal start (fwd)

From: Yacine Khelladi <yacine@yacine.net>


> 4. Haiti-DR environmental project gets formal start
> Minister of Environment Frank Moya Pons traveled to Haiti to give the
> formal start to the Transfrontier Development Environmental Program.
> The European Union through Lomé IV is a major sponsor of the US$4
> million four-year program. Moya Pons was in Haiti to give the final go
> ahead to the 2001 Annual Operations Plan of the program. He said the
> project is very important, historic and transcendental because it
> contributes to the strengthening of relations between both countries
> and shows that the DR and Haiti can work together to promote
> development.
> Also attending the event for the DR were Minister of Tourism Ramón
> Alfredo Bordas; DR officer in charge of Lomé IV, Manuel Cáceres
> Troncoso; Ambassador in charge of environmental affairs at the
> Ministry of Foreign Relations Julián de la Rosa; Deputy Minister of
> Agriculture in charge of sectarian planning, Jesus de los Santos;
> Jimaní Governor Magdalena Matos, among others.
> Present for Haiti were, Minister of Agriculture, Francois Severin,
> Haiti officer in charge of Lomé IV Jean Marie Cherestal; Minister of
> Planning Anthony Dessaorce; and the directors of the project in Haiti,
> Marlene Chrysostome and Cesar Lopez.
> The event took place in Fond Parisien, Haiti, about six kilometers
> west of the frontier with the Dominican Republic.