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6624: Re: 6604: RE 6589 (fwd)

From: Maxetluc@aol.com

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Could we please see a copy of the "threats" about which this posting 
     speaks? And then possibly we might consider if others outside Haiti 
     (maybe even in Washington!) are without stain! It appears that no one 
     else is ever accused of threatening except Aristide supporters.



I take it archim must be on vacation lotbo-a.   The list of those threatened 
has been circulating throuought Haiti for a week and can be seen on Radio 
Metropole's web site.  The statements were made over the radipo for everyone 
in Haiti to hear.  Yvon Neptune himself went on both radio and television and 
admitted that the threarts were made by Lavalas supporters, though he was 
careful to denounce them as being against Lavalas principles.  When asked why 
Aristide had not condemned them, he stated that that wuld be like Clinton 
making a statement everytime a democrat committed a crime.   Justice Minister 
Camille Leblanc similarly condemned the threats and promised to arrest the 
individuals who made the threats.

The Lavalas leadership, for once, exhibited some responsibility about the 
bizarre acts of some of its supporters.  It avoided the tired nonsense of 
accusing the opposition of threatenning itself or the CIA  (who must have 
agents hiding under every good Haitian's bed if the hysterical few are to be 
believed), condemned the action and promised to punish the perpetrators.  
Though it would take a lot more than this to change my views, I must give 
them their due credit.