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6629: Re: 6620: RE: 6592: Re: Pelin tet (fwd)

From: "Carrol F. Coates" <ccoates@mail.binghamton.edu>

>>	Madison Bell asks: "Can any one tell me the meaning of the phrase
>>Pèlin têt?"  
>>	It means "A trap to catch your head".  There is an old play with the
>>same title.
>Wow!  some people sure know how to wound us "oldies" with agist
adjectives..."an OLD play...."  The play is by Franketienne, and dates from
the J.C. Duvalier era--1978 (which I don't call "old"--just "past"!).
Franketienne had (and probably still has) the project of collecting his
plays (all in Kreyol, although KASELEZO appeared in a French trans. in the
journal DERIVES, pub. in a special "Franketienne" issue in Montreal,
1986/1987) , published (and generally unavailable) and unpublished--but the
volume has not yet appeared.  PELIN-TET was performed, may have been
performed again more recently, but the text has not been published to the
best of my knowledge.

Bob (and Madison)--my apologies--I wrote the above note without having
noted Vedrin's reponse to the original query.  He says there was an Eng.
translation of PELIN-TET--but he does not say where it appeared.  It was
not in the Haitian issue of CALLALOO, where an excerpt from KASELEZO was

In any case, my statement above is in error:  Franketienne's PELIN-TET was
published in a small edition in Port-au-Prince, by "Editions du Soleil" in