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6627: Reply to Pina on Aristide Ties (fwd)

From: FAedouard@aol.com

Kevin Pina writes:

<< It is funny how much this "socialist" rag has in common with the New York
 Times and other "mainstream" press regarding coverage of Haiti. Now we have
 smear tactics being used by the self-anointed left who are merely repeating
 what they have "heard" about Aristide. No sources are cited to prove the
 allegation that Aristide has "cemented his ties with various corrupt elements
 within the Haitian elite". Instead we are given a parroted version of past
 allegations without any evidence, names or sources to be traced for
 corroboration.  >>

Unfortunately, this part of the article is fairly accurate. Just as in 
Duvaliers  time ( and before) various members of the business segment have to 
chosen to build close personal ties to the National Palace in order to make 
more money without regard to the country, politics or the people. Many of 
these relationship are directly with Aristide, his wife or Preval. Aristide 
is a man who easily wears two hats.. one for is business partners and one for 
the "people".  This is "COMMON" knowledge in Haiti. Anyone wishing to confirm 
this simply pick up the phone, contact the most connected business person you 
know. Ask about various gov contracts, the imports, even the minimal 
privatization we have experienced.. The details provided may surprise 
you....however, isn't this how it works everywhere in the world? Why should 
we be different?