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6632: Good cop/Bad cop (fwd)

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

I have thought, though briefly, about the good cop/bad cop/Harlan County 
scenario and it brought to mind a few more incidents that might need a little 
bit of analysis.
1) A couple days before President Clinton was going to arrive in Haiti, the 
international press corps showed up. The biggest news event became the 
assasination of the woman, putchist lawyer, Mireille Bertain(sp?)
2) A couple of days before Vice President Gore showed up, putchist General 
Max Mayard was assasinated
3)The Vice-Presidents wife, Tipper, was greeted with a hail of rocks when she 
visited Cite Soleil.
Set ups? Was there a covert plan within the U.S. government to make Executive 
policies under Clinton look bad or had Aristide gotten what he needed and was 
getting rid of enemies at the expense of Clinton. If thats the case why is he 
sucking up with these Christmas cards to the White House and Anthony Lake? 
Another ride anyone? Is he going to cuddle up to the Bush Cartel as they 
return to the White House or hold firm with Castro?
 Saw a lot of folks in Bethesda last night at the Strings cd signing event. 
Met a few fellow Corbetters, which is always interesting. Nothing like having 
a bit of gossip whispered in your ear for perspective.Two major inauguration 
parties in the next couple of weeks, both of them with similar question marks.
Speaking of integrity, is it true that Colin Powell has Haitian relatives 
actually living in Haiti?

Richard Morse