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6634: Naming practices. (fwd)

From: madison bell <mbell@goucher.edu>

I'm posting this question for a nonlistmember-- please reply directly to 
mbell@goucher.edu.  Thanks for all the info on pelen tet!  many replies 
which help tremendously....

>On another note, I have been looking over some parish colonial records and
>could use some help with naming practices.  For example, I am looking for
>the parents of these New Orleans emigres.  They are listed with last names
>in the emigres' marriage records (bride is native of Jeremie, child of Jean
>Louis L'Herisse and Marie Peillon, for example).  Do these last names
>suggest to you that they were born free?  Or could they have acquired last
>names once they emigrated to New Orleans to satisfy naming practices in LA.

help with this one appreciated...


Tout bêt nan lanmè manje moun, men se rekin sèlman ki pote move nom?