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6635: Karshan/Tipper/Rocks (fwd)

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

Ms Karshan brings up the same question I am trying to have answered. Was the 
Tipper Gore fiasco a way to sabotage an Executive foreign policy from within 
the American government or was Aristide letting it be known that he no longer 
wanted an American presence in Haiti? He had gotten what he needed from the 
Americans and now all deals were off. Both cases can be argued.

Richard Morse

P.S. After the invasion, before Aristide came back, the Haitian masses, pep 
la, were treating the troops like famous rock stars, waving at the troops and 
gathering in groups whenever they stopped along the road, exuberance, love 
and joy. After the actual return of Aristide, the writing on the walls said, 
A definite change in the atmosphere.