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6663: PAPDA info for more on Haiti's debt (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com


Contact: Jean Pierre Ricot, PAPDA, #6, Angle Rue Fremy et Avenue John Brown, 
Port au Prince, Haiti Tel/ Fax: 509 458836 
Email: jubile2000-haiti@papda.org 

Status: PAPDA is a coalition of organisations including peasant groups, 
environmental groups and NGOs. It has been active in promoting the Jubilee 
2000 Petition and supports the Jubilee 2000 campaign as part of a broad-based 
campaign against the countriesâ?? current economic strategy which is destroying 
peasant and traditional livelihoods. In June 2000, Haiti held a Week of 
Action on debt which included workshops at rural level and a major concert in 
the centre of Port-au-Prince.