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6668: A dirty money story (fwd)

From: Philippe Charles <pcharles@us.ibm.com>

There were a couple of women from the countryside who
use to come to Port-au-Prince to sell "chabon" near
my house. My mother would allow them to crash in our
kitchen during the week (In those days [~1968], in Haiti,
the kitchen was usually built as a separate structure from
the house as you could not cook with chabon inside your house).

One day, as it was getting dark, Da, one of the women
was approached by a man who wanted to buy 10 cents
worth of chabon. The man payed her with a particularly
dirty 1 gourde bill, collected his change and the chabon
and left. The next morning, to Da's surprise, she realised
that instead of money the man had given her a piece of crumpled
brown paper, the size of a gourde, that he had rubbed "chabon" on
to make it look like a dirty bill.