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6677: I'm New!!! search for sustainable development (fwd)

From: Allegra Searle-LeBel <argellabliss@hotmail.com>

Hello and greetings to you all!!

My name is Allegra and I am doing research for a report and attempting to 
compile a reader on sustainable development and agriculture in Haiti.  I am 
hoping that any of you who know about this subject specifically can help 
lead me to some direct sources and tell me what you know.  I am also 
extremely interested in the Cuban aided development projects within Haiti, 
ie. sugar being exported to Cuba from Haiti, organic farms, seed 
development, education.  Also information on the farming and agricultural 
seasons and cycles would be very useful, as well as geographic details.  Any 
resources to point me along the right direction will be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you so much!!
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