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6687: Re: 6670: gay / lesbian issues in Haiti ...Dorce to Archer (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 01/18/2001 7:27:08 AM Pacific Standard Time, Merrie Archer 
<MArcher@nchr.org writes:

<< Given  the extent to which Haiti is known for its rampant homophobia, I'm 
hoping to open up a can of worms ... >>
I do not believe Haiti is known for its rampant homophobia.  Gays in Haiti 
are treated much as they are here.  Unless you also consider that the US is 
known for its rampant homophobia.  Some heterosexuals accept gays and some 
don't.  I do think that people in Haiti do not discuss their private issues, 
so they may not talk about their sexual orientation openly.  Things like that 
are just "known".  Also there is a lot of homosexual activity with poor young 
men who are not homosexual (Haitian and foreign homosexuals buy them).  Money 
buys sex, regardless of orientation.  AIDS pretty much destroyed what was 
left of Haiti's tourist industry, so any resentment towards gay tourists who 
paid these boys, who then went on to infect their girlfriends, is, in my 
mind, totally understandable.  

Kathy Dorce~ (no relation to any Dorcé of any political aspiration in Haiti,