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6701: my search for professors interested in Haiti (fwd)

From: Dancing Fool <cmkempf@mtholyoke.edu>

I have been a faithful (though up until now, silent) follower of
Corbettland, and would like to ask for advice from any other
"Corbetters."  I just graduated with a bachelor's degree in anthropology,
and wish to focus on Haiti in my graduate work.  I am currently in search
of a professor who is experience or interested in Haiti, and who would be
willing to work with me on my topic, which is this:  The historical
connection between Haiti and New Orleans in the ante-bellum period.  A
significant number of Haitians migrated to New Orlenas, known as "The
creole capital of North America," and their influence racially,
politcally, and culturally is undeniable.  I am especially fascinated by
the social class refered to by various scholars as the free people of
colour, gens de couleur, and/or free blacks.  I would argue that it is
only becuase of the colour system that existed in New Orlenas after the
Louisiana Purchase (which was within a year of Haitian independence), that
this group of free blacks was able to flourish culturally and financially,
if not aslo politically.

I am more concerened with finding the right professor than any school's
program, based on reputation.  Even a professor who's area of expertise
falls under Caribbean studies, would be helpful.  

I appreciate your time and welcome any response.
Camille Kempf