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#6707: Dr. Marcellus (Re: 6705) (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

Thanks, Greg.

I guess I've been so busy lately that I'm behind on things, so please forgive
me if I ask stupid questions.

Oh my, it would seem that this Dr. Marcellus has some big aspirations!  Is this
man serious ... that there will be a real attempt to take power ... or is it
just alot of big talk?  Who all actually and seriously backs him?

Who is this Dr. Marcellus, anyway?  I see his "biography/experience" on


but in effect, it says very little about him.

When Dr. Marcellus was "a promising young worker" "delivering products from his
father's bakery"

     (... side track: is  _that_ what makes one a promising young

how, exactly, did he help his fellow-citizens against their own destitution?

The article states that Dr. Marcellus ran for President in 1987 and for the
Senate in 1990 ... again, I'm behind on this ... of course, he did not win the
1987 elections, but was he elected Senator?  If so, for what did he stand, and
what were his accomplishments?

What qualifies this man to call himself "Dr."?  Where did he theoretically earn
his doctorate in Theology?  What kind of education does he have?  Where has he
supposedly been studying International Law?

What makes him a "skillful and well-qualified leader"?  (I hope it's not the
simple fact that he speaks 4 languages!)

What is the basis upon which he declares himself an advocate of human rights?

On the above-cited website, it is stated that he has used "all his energy to
improve his country economically, socially and politically".  What, exactly,
does that mean?  What exactly has he accomplished?

The website states "most reassuring are his plans to develop every region in
each department."  What, exactly, are these reassuring plans supposed to
entail?  (The "many large scale projects":  housing, agribusiness center and
health clinics?)



Dr. Marcellus states "that Haiti is mainly an agricultural country" and that he
proposes "an agricultural government".  But then his "Economic Reform Plan"


concerns itself with e-commerce; retail trade "allowing foreign-owned companies
to invest in the retail sector"; "allowing foreign banks to acquire up to 100
percent (!?!) of the voting stock of an existing local bank for a limited
period" (what's a "limited period", anyway?); "high-tech companies", etc.  I'm
not sure I follow what these latter have to do with an agricultural government

Another thing:  do I understand correctly that Dr. Marcellus is supposed to be
an interim President?  If so, then how is it that he plans to accomplish all of
this in an "interim" time?  How long is "interim", anyway?

And then there's the TLK ... how serious are their threats?  And are they
really Aristide's people?  And has Aristide denounced their threats?

And one last thing:  Has Aristide detailed proposed plans for ameliorating
conditions Haiti?