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6713: Re: 6708: re 6706 (fwd)

From: Greg and Susan Bryant <gregandsusan@rainbowtel.net>

David Young wrote:
>Dorces views are boilerplate idealistic, rather knee-jerk and sans much
>sense of the deeper side of Haitian history . Aristide is far from the
>wishful ideals made of him and the function of the army I spoke of it a
>long grand tradition if your look at it with any depth
>Further the notion of democracy in Haiti is itself an oxymoron.

What's the "deeper side" of Haitian history you're speaking of? I thought
Kathy Dorce's comments made good sense, so for my education I want to know
exactly what your criticism is, not just a reference to something "deeper."
I'd like to hear this history, or at least tell me where I can read it for

You say "Aristide is far from the wishful ideals made of him," then you
speak of the function of the army as "a long grand tradition." Well, I say
the army is far from the wishful ideals you make of it. *Any* army. Every
person and institution is flawed.

Greg Bryant