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6723: Powell/Aristide (fwd)

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

Though Powell's comments are not antagonistic they are by no means committing 
him to a relationship. I'ld say the comments were diplomatic. Powell mentions 
getting the economy started. Well that means investment. There is nothing 
that has happened during the last six Lavalas years that is going to attract 
investment, e.g. violent street demonstrations, the killing of political 
opponents, or the sudden closing or ports and airports and product being held 
up in customs.  I recently heard a story about an NGO that got phone lines by 
paying a couple of folks from City Soleil a thousand dollars for each line. 
Is this part of privatization, Lavalas style? I personally have been openly 
threatened on the radio by Lavalas government officials, I've been forced 
into situations by Lavalas government officials where people around me were 
killed and absolutely no reaction or compensation from the government.
This is not an economic or investment climate and just because an 8 point 
letter is signed doesn't prove any good intent by Lavalas.
Powell also mentioned Democracy. Is there Deomocracy in Haiti? A president 
can  fire the parliament just because its a conveniant thing to do?
The words "narco trafficking" are often  on the lips of of prominent 
Republican officials. After six years in power are there any visible signs of 
a war on narco trafficking?
Haitian masses may like Aristide but they also like an American way of life. 
That is a paradox. The boat people aren't flocking to Cuba. They're trying to 
get to Miami. They're not flocking to totalitarian governments,  they're 
going to free markets, infrastructure and job opportunities. If I need a 
phone, one call to the phone company should do it, not hunting around Cite 
Soleil looking for the right contact.
  I love the fact that the Haitian people have expressed their desire for 
Aristide to return a third time, now can he navigate and negotiate the 
terrain? Does he think its his turn to replace the deposed Haitian army and 
their totalitarian sentiments or does he understand that it is time for 
change? What I have seen in the last six years do not indicate that he 
understands the correct path, but I'm a patient man. I'm not going anywhere. 
And, even if these problems aren't resolved now, thats why we have children 
and grandchildren. If a priest can have children, it means he can change his 
ways.  As Mozeb likes to say, we're going to be here for a while.

Richard Morse