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6725: 70-person death list (fwd)

From: madison bell <mbell@goucher.edu>

The Haitian Times (January 17-23, 2001) reports on page three: "70 People, 
Including Journalists, Are Marked for Death"

According to the article the threat was issued by "a popular organization 
leader" at a public meeting at St. Jean Bosco.

Does anyone have a complete copy of the list of the 70 people 
threatened?  I am sure it would be interesting reading for many of us.

Historians take note: Haitian Times also reports that the threat 
incorporated the language of Boisrond Tonnerre, Dessalines' emmanuensis at 
the time of the drafting of the Act of Independence.  What Boisrond 
Tonnerre is supposed to have actually said is this: "Il me faut la peau 
d'un blanc pour servir de parchemin, son crane pour ecritoire, son sang 
pour encre et une baionette pour plume." -- I need the skin of a white to 
serve as parchment, his skull for an inkwell, his blood for ink, and a 
bayonet for a pen.

plus sa change, &c.

ann priye