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6751: Re: 6678: priests' first names (fwd)

From: LeGrace Benson <legracebenson@clarityconnect.com>
>Bon jou Terry: I looked at some notes last evening and found the following: 
Constant Hillion
Alexis Guilloux (Alexis Jean-Marie Guilloux
Franc,ois Marie Kersuzan
Jean Marie Jan>

I believe the other names are embedded somewhere in the same book from
which I took these notes:  Msg. J.M. Jan, Dioc`ese du Cap Ha:itien: Un
Si`ecle d'histoire 1860-1960.  Port au-Prince: Editions Henri Dechamps, 1957.

If you follow the trail of Msg. Jan there are other places where he gives
long lists of priests' names.  (no sisters, by the way!)I  don't have those
notes handy right now.  
Hope this is helpful.  By the way, if Msg. Jan's book is not in your
university library, I believe I saw it several years ago in the SUNY-Albany
library which has a remarkable Haitian collection. A librarian there years
ago was Haitian.  Albany is pretty good about xeroxing and interlibrary
Hope this is helpful.
Regards, LeGrace