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6747: Request for post-1989 health status info (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

I would like to know if any list members can refer me to anyone
who has suffered with cancer, had pregnancy problems, ADD/ADHD,
or other health problems, since 1989 - after the toxic waste was
dumped at Gonaive?

Have there been any epidemiological studies (on a small or large
scale; preferrably formal, but also informal) on health and
environmental changes since 1989?

Can anyone refer me to facts (besides Greenpeace's statements and
the recent Philadelphia Weekly article) about the toxic waste
situation and statistical trends (since the dumping of that
waste) with regard to human health, animal health, soil
contamination, food contamination, sea life contamination, etc?

Saying that "it's important that people know what happened to the
environment and peoples' health", a Pennsylvania newspaper has
asked if I would consider talking with them in detail, as part of
a follow-up article on the toxic waste dumping situation.  This
would be a good opportunity to speak out.  There could (though
admittedly, not necessarily) be a relationship; and even if there
isn't for some, there may be for others.  If pursued, maybe
something positive could come of this.  Of course, we cannot know
if there is a definite relationship between these illnesses and
the waste, but there could be, and this should be studied.

The newspaper is waiting for my reply, so please think about it,
maybe talk with
friends/physicians/environmentalists/agriculturalists/etc. about
it, and get back with me <amedard@gte.net>.