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6774: Dirty Money: Nekita's comments (fwd)

From: Nlbo@aol.com

I could not stop laughing about the " Dirty Money" message. I could have 
never imagined that. When I saw the title, I thought I was going to read 
about those literarily dirty currencies that one has to wash your hands after 
you touch them. Sometimes they are so dirty that they rip or fall apart .
I know Haitian women put money in their bras. Many of those women don't wear 
underwears, especially the elderlies. If they wear large skirts, it makes 
easier to urinate since there is no public bathroom in the market places. 
Those of us from Haiti have seen those women who just pull their dresses, 
lean against a wall and urinate. 
 I don't understand how those coins sanitarily stay in that vendor's panties. 
Don't  they  itch or burn? How do they physically remain there? How does the 
panty contain the  money? For the reason mentioned above, most vendors don't 
wear pants. Even if she wears slacks, won't the money fall between the legs? 
I don't get this.
This is why I love this country so much regardless of the political mess. 
Every unimaginable phenomenon is possible there. One day I saw a guy carrying 
a medium size coffin on his head. I wish I had a camera.
One good thing about Haiti, there is always something to laugh about amid 
poverty and political chaos. Otherwise every haitian will be either in a 
mental hospital or dead.