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6789: Re: 6757: Telephoning Haiti from USA (fwd)

From: Bryan Wharram <bwharram@med.umich.edu>

Note to Bob:  This service is available through an internet business I am involved with, so I don't know if it violates your no publicizing policy, but the subject came up and the rates are great.  If you don't want to post it, I could post a more general message and people could contact me off-list.

[Corbett interjects:  I will accept this since it comes in directly
reponse to a request on the list which is clearly not connected with you.]

I live in Northville, Michigan.  I had MCI and paid 80-90 cents per minute (I don't remember exactly) to Haiti.  We recently switched to OPEX communications.  They are a part of Global Crossings.  It is a service available through an internet business I just became involved with.  The rates to Haiti are 63¢ per minute (it may be 71¢ per minute when calling a cell phone).  State-to-state calls and in-state toll calls are also reasonable and vary by state.  Billing is in 6 second increments. There is no monthly fee, the only caveat is that if your monthly long distance bill is less than $20.00, they add a $2.00 surcharge.

My wife is Haitian, so we call family in Haiti frequently.  It seems pretty reliable, and has saved us money.  

Bryan Wharram