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6782: Re: 6776: adoption : 4 responses

From: "Haitian Street Kids, Inc." <haitianstreetkids@rescueteam.com>

Haiti's adoption laws require that an adoption take place in Haiti
before the child leaves the country with an American visa. (Article
126, Droit de la Famille, reprinted in 82 Le Moniteur 916 (November
24, 1983); Decret du 25 Mars 1966 sur l'adoption, reprinted in 32 Le
Moniteur 353 (April 18, 1974)).

As a consequence, the U.S. Embassy can now only issue IR3 adoption
visas and can no longer issue IR4 visas for children who were
abandoned locally but not adopted in Haiti, even if the adopting
parents plan to adopt the child in the United States. Thus, adopting
parents must satisfy Haitian adoption and U.S. immigration laws to
obtain an immigrant visa for the adopted child.  Adoptions must be
approved by Haiti's courts and by the Haitian Ministry of Social
Affairs' "Institut du Bien Etre Social et de Recherches," (IBESR),
the Haitian Government's adoption investigatory agency, located at
18 Avenue des Marguerites, Port au Prince, Haiti.

Refer to: http://travel.state.gov/adoption_haiti.html

Michael W. Brewer, RN


From: ForHaiti@aol.com

I have recently been in touch with Rev. James Glynn, President of Heart of
God Ministries. Why not give him a call or e-mail and get some ideas, they
have an orphanage in Haiti and they do handle adoptions. I don't know him
personally, but have been impressed by his sincerity in our contacts.

Adoption e-mail:  adoption@hgm.org
website:  htt;://www.hgm.org  


From: eveline.dalencour@dfait-maeci.gc.ca

You can contact Mrs. Janina Eveillard, her telephone number is
011(509):255-7626 Email Number is:


Eveline Dalencour


From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>
To: corbetre@webster.edu
Subject: Re: 6776:  adoption (fwd)

     Dear Friends,
        When I saw the New Jersey address, I had to write. I would be
     interested in knowing more about your adoption desires, and will try
     to help. I am a NJ guy...native of Cherry Hill/Haddonfield, and have
     been here in Haiti for fifteen years. I'm a Priest of the Greek
     Orthodox Church, and we have a rather large community here. I am not
     in the adoption business, but I have a lot of friends who are. Let me
     hear from you.
                      Father Michael Graves (archim)