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6795: Re: 6757: Telephoning Haiti from USA (fwd)

From: "d. e s s e r" <mabouye@escape.com>

Haiti for 49 Cents a Minute

  PT-1 (Rate information @ http://www.pt-1.com/qa.htm , 
mailto:pt1res@pt-1.com or 1-888-660-5377) offers service to Haiti for 
49 cents a minute. The long distance provider does not have to be 
changed. While I can't vouch for service to Haiti, I have used the 
company extensively for international calls over the past few years 
and so far without any problems. Note: this is only for service from 
the U.S. to Haiti.

  PT-1 also offers calling cards that work from the Dominican Republic 
but unfortunately none for Haiti.

from their web page:

Q. HOW DOES 101-6868sm WORK?
A. For calls within the U.S., to Canada or the Caribbean, dial 
101-6868sm then 1 + area code + telephone number. For calls within 
the U.S. to any other international country, dial 101-6868sm then 011 
then the country code, city code and telephone number.

Hope that helps...

>From: Karen Davis <kdavis@marygrove.edu>
>Help! There are now so many different phone companies, contracts, cards,
>special deals, etc. that I'm confused.
>Can anyone recommnend a cheap and RELIABLE phone service to Haiti??
>Every calling card we tried charged us $3 per call without a connection
>being made, so we gave up on that.
>I'd rather send our money to family in Haiti than to the telephone company!