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6799: Re: 6742: Re: 6734: Gays in Haiti (fwd)

From: Moibibi@aol.com

In a message dated 1/24/2001 5:08:35 AM Eastern Standard Time, Racine writes:

> In fact, in Vodou we have a statistically higher percentage of gay members 
> than there are gay people in the general population, specifically because 
> Vodou does not in any way reject or stigmatize gay people.

Who speaks statistics, speaks numbers, percentage. I would most appreciate 
hearing about them. Thanks beforehand.

Nina Schnall writes: 

> Until recently, there has been little research done on Vodou and sexuality 
> (perhaps for obvious reasons, given the stigma attached to Vodou that most 
> researchers have sought to work against)

I appreciate that Nina has noted the "stigma attached to Vodou", I think that 
research made by well meaning anthropologists on sexuality in Vodou are what 
I would call : putting the cart before the oxen (mettre la charrue avant les 
boeufs). Vodou is not even recognized  as a religion in our constitution and 
I, personally, believe that there are more important subjects such as the 
religious or the historical aspects of Vodou. Such researchs would be much 
more helpful to all Vodouists and would signal the true intention of 
anthropologists to seek the dissipation of that stigma.

Bébé Pierre Louis