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6802: Re: VHS Tapes & CD-ROMs for Basic Education in Creole (#6780 & #6737) A follow-up question (fwd)

From: "Roger E. Savain" <resavain@konpitek.com>

Thank you for your interest in learning the Haitian Kreyol language.  For
the past 12 years I have been teaching Haitian language and culture in
Broward County, Florida. Based on my experience and that of others, I have
published a handbook call Haitian Kreyol in Ten Steps since 1991. The 5th
edition is available since 1999. A CD and a video are also available as a
support companion. Moreover a little storybook Zanmi-m Pyebwa/My Friend the
Tree is published in Kreyol, English and French.  These Haitian Kreyol
Learning Tools are successfully used in the United States, Haiti and The
Bahamas. Should you be interested, please contact me directly.

Best wishes,

Roger E. Savain
954-791-4964 voice
954-791-5086 FAX