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6813: Re: 6800: Re: 6782: Re: 6776: adoption : 4 responses (fwd)

From: Maxetluc@aol.com

Isn't there also a two year waiting period after the child has been adopted 
and in your care, before he/she is elegible for a visa?  This would make it 
kind of sticky since the child has to be in your physical care for 2 years 
and they have to be adopted IN Haiti.  So, I guess that means you're going 
to have to go down there and live 2 years with the child in Haiti before 
they can get their visa...  ?

The two year requirement is for some one who wishes to apply for an IR-2 
(child of a US citizen) visa rather than an IR-3 (Orphan adopted abroad by a 
US Citizen)  The requirements for the IR-3 are more stringent - Home study by 
social services in your state, verification that the child met the legal 
definition of an orphan at the time of adoption, etc.  On the other hand once 
INS approves the final adoption (which is done at the INS office in Haiti) 
the Consulate can issue the visa within a few days.  With an IR-2 it might be 
a year or more from the time INS approves until the case can actually be 
adjudicated by the consulate.

Thus far I've refrained from joining the discussion about consular visas, 
visa issuance and refusal, etc., though I've found it quite amusing to read.  
In keeping with that policy I will not respond the remainder of post #6800.