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6925: looking for teachers (fwd)

From: Joanis <joanis@sympatico.ca>


Volunteer opportunity in Haiti

Project Teach is a teacher-training initiative. Every summer, a group of
teachers (approximately 10 in the group) go to Haiti to deliver a
two-week professional
development seminar to about 250 Haitian teachers. We cover a variety of
subjects (French, Math, Science....), lesson planning and delivery,
management and teaching strategies, evaluation, etc. We also stress
children's rights,
focussing specifically on the issue of corporal punishment. In addition
to a class on this
subject, we hold an evening forum with panel and group discussion of the
issues. Participants have a chance to practice what they have learned
through small-group presentations.  The session ends with a formal
graduation ceremony.

This year we are specifically looking for people to teach the following
 Social Studies
 Teaching methodology
 Grade 2/3

If you are interested in finding out more, please e-mail me directly.

Pierre Joanis