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6817: Re: 6805: Re: 6788: The Wall Street Journal (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

K. Dorce wrote:
<<...Most people on this list know when they are reading propaganda, but out 
there, where most people think Haiti is an island in the South Pacific, this 
kind of nonsense does a lot of harm.>>

Thanks! Thank you, Kathy, for pointing out this one of the many nonsenses 
and fallacies we've suffered to read from, sometimes too oftentimes, on this 
list. They do cause a lot of harm and frustrations especially to the younger 
generation of college and university students seeking the thruth about...for 
example, basic geographical map location info on Haiti.  It does harm and 
insult one's intelligence.  And this is exactly what our Stanleylucas has 
been doing: Posting anti-aristide propaganda and anti-democracy fallacies on 
behalf of the International Republican Institute.

One of the most blatant and flattest lies that harms so much is the one 
where "journalist" Mary Anastasia O'Grady reported that Aristide claimed 
victory in the Nov. 7 elections in Haiti. I din't know we had presidential 
elections in Haiti on November 7!

that had just brought me back to Leon Manus' recent letter to Powell. What a 
comedy, not even à-la-Molière, or worse, à-la-Langichat, but truly, 

It is clear that both our messenger and his talented journalists and self 
exiled leaders have let themselves be blinded by partisan interests (the 
Republican Party), conservative megalomania, personal jealousy, sectarist 
faith, racist intolerance, and more stupidly than everything else, their 



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