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6857: Re: 6849: Re: "civil society" (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

Greg believes it's a six-against-one plot, a type of rabid political trend 
such as the one seen in Lafontaine's fable "Les animaux malades de la 
peste", where all the other carnivores rallied against the herbivore donkey. 
  No no, in this case it is not 6 against one.  It's six against the People. 
Six to claim a crisis that exist only due to their boycotting intransigence 
and blind anti-aristidism. For the people who voted at the elections, (even 
if it was 25% of the registered voting population) would still represents a 
majority far outnumbering both the Convergence Démocratique and its 
embryonic hatching of Société civile put together.  But these latters don't 
give a damn about People's voting rights or expression. What matters is 
Democracy... even without peoples.  After all, the State Department has 
nowhere else experienced the recipe of a dictature...from the opposition. 
This recipe will start Feb 7, 2001 at 00:01

Let's just ask:  Why is the Convergence Démocratique so WILLING to negotiate 
around an electoral process itself boycotted?
Is this simply "gwo lide timemwa?"

Now without versing in the ridicule of all this, How should the common 
Haitian citizen perceive this famous Société Civile, and how practically is 
s/he represented by this vague group of disguised opposition supporters?

We don't know yet of the other Sonthonax-Polverel-et-Ailhaux from the 
Société Civile, but Rosny Desroches is no impartial observer of Haitian 
politics for these pasts 14 years.

The whole fuss, be it convergent or positionless, be it lavalasian or 
opelist, is about and AGAISNT the person and the persona of J-B Aristide.


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