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6872: Re: 6868: 2 Bahamian-born criminals in Haiti (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

Keywords: deportation, US, Bahamas, Haiti

This story was reading as so many others that deal with this particularly 
outrageous part of what is known as the US judicial system - until the last 

<< In the case of Clairville and Carry, provisions of the 1996 laws pose a 
dilemma. Both were born in the Bahamas, but the Bahamas does not want them 
back. Therefore, under the 1996 laws, Clairville and Carry could have been 
kept in detention in the United States like thousands of Cubans detainees 
that Havana refuses to take back -- except that a third country, in this case 
Haiti, was willing to take them. >>

Maybe Michelle Karshan could let us know if it is true or not that Haiti is 
"willing" to take them. And if so, why?

Charles Arthur