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6907: 6871/ Citadelle Experts (fwd)

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

In the 70's, when Albert Mangones was able to secure funding for the 
renovation of the Citadelle and other historic sites a national institute was 
created called ISPAN.  Institut pour la sauvegarde du Patrimoine National.  
ISPAN still exists.  It is listed in the Haitian phone book as Ruelle Cheriez 
#6 and Ave. Martin Luther King, phone #s 245-3118,245-3211.  Albert Mangones 
lives in Martissan, he is listed in the phone book 223-0013.  His son 
Frederick also lives in the same area and is listed in the phone book but is 
currently recovering from a gunshot wound he received while driving back into 
PAP on Nationale # 1 in the Cite Soleil/airport area.  Other architects who 
are also in Port-au-Prince who worked on the Citadelle renovation are Daniel 
Elie and Patrick Delatour.  I have heard that Delatour is passionate about 
his work and would probably be very helpful to anyone doing research on the 
Citadelle.  The # listed in the phone book for him is 245-6655.