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6913: Re: 6880: RE: 6790 - Exiled President Manus!!! (fwd)

From: Sarah Belfort <sbelfort@haitiworld.com>

> From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

>      What a travesty!!! Surely no one will believe Leon Manus. Now that he
>      is 76 years old...or maybe 77, and living in Nashua, New Hampshire in
>      "exile", his moth balls must be positively withered! Why would anyone
>      want to threaten him with death? What harm could he do?
This is an extremely insulting attitude.  Older people aren't worth
anything?  Their views are worthless?  It is inconceivable that an older
person could be threatened with death?  I can't remember exactly how old
Dominique was when he was assassinated (67?), but he was no spring chicken.
Also last spring an over-80-years-old man, involved with one of the
senatorial campaigns, was hacked to death with machetes in his own home--
perhaps political, perhaps not, but shocking all the same.  A few weeks
later a respected doctor, almost 80, was killed in the street.  Why would
anyone want to kill these people?  I don't know, but they're dead.
>      To begin with, the story of the stealing of the balllot boxes "after
>      the polls closed", is a positive fabrication, ...

There are allegations on both sides, but seeing published photos of piles of
discarded ballots in the streets was not encouraging.  A televised interview
at the CEP shortly after the May election also showed ballots in disarray.
Perhaps these were only "minor irregularities", but let's not dismiss that
"story" out of hand.  It may have merited further investigation.

I am tired of seeing on this list the type of circular reasoning whereby
anyone who has any criticism or reservations regarding elections or the
government is therefore automatically an enemy of Aristide / lying / allied
with Duvalieriest forces / all of the above.  Can't there be any room for
disagreement?  And let's not forget that Léon Manus and everyone else on the
CEP (2 or 3 others also resigned) was chosen for that job by the government.
As for "allegations" of political assassinations, the best way to prove them
 wrong would be to have effective investigations, and arrest and try
suspects.  I can't give you definite proof regarding any political
assassination by anyone.  I don't think that's my job, either.  I think
that's the government's job.  Basically, I think the government needs to
take at least some responsibility for the unfortunate political rift and the
lack of information on who is responsible for certain crimes.
>      Aristide's people didn't even need to campaign!

I personally think it would have been nice to see some campaigning.  Perhaps
some speeches, debates, exposition of party platform and actual plan for
attaining "lapè nan tèt, lapè nan vant" (including a realistic budget).
Also it would have been nice for the candidates to try to establish two-way
communication with the voters (talk to them, listen to them, set up avenues
of communication) rather than simply a patronage relationship...  But
according to you campaigning, which implies establishing a relationship with
voters, is