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6915: Reply to Maxteluc (fwd)

From: Kenneth Ives <k_ives@hotmail.com>

Let me see if I have this right. ``Maxetluc`` went to Limbe some days after 
the demonstration, spoke to a Judge and a Magistrate, and then, with the aid 
of some hypothetical math and sarcasm, ``reports`` that the HP ``report`` 
was erroneous and that the paper is a ``rag,`` comparable to Haiti 
Observateur! While the HP correspondent may not have made an exact 
headcount, his crowd estimate (a crowd which the report notes came from all 
over the area, not just Limbe) made on the spot was probably more accurate 
than the 325 Maxetluc ``calculates`` days after the event. Are they really 
going to deploy the UDMO for 325 people? No, it was a big demo. Radios also 
reported thousands. There have been many similar size demos in Limbe, as you 
can read in ``Immaculate Invasion.`` Seems more like Maxetluc is looking for 
an excuse to rag on a ``rag.``

Kim Ives
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