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6970: SECOND PLEA 4 HELP see also #6299: help needed (fwd)

From: Anez14u@aol.com

     I recently turned to your list for help in my efforts to establish 
contact with a child I have sponsored for many years via CCF.  I received so 
many encouraging resplies and promises of help that I truly believed it would 
only be a matter of a very short time until I could again be in 
communications with my God Child.  That was 12/20/200 and despite a multitude 
of email communications, several snail mail letters, and a call to a 
represenative in the Canadian Embassy in Port-au-Prince, and many well 
intended promises, I seem to be no closer to establishing contact with the 
child than I was then.  Would you pleas ask the list again if there is not 
sombody near him that can take a few hours out of their own busy agndas to 
try and help this young man?  Thanks, I would appreciate any help you can 
give me.  Here is the information I have on this young man and his family:
Name last name first:  Constance, Robenson
Born:  01/03/86 soon to be 15 
Mother: Constance, Lucienne aka Constance, Marie & Lucienne, Marie
Siblings: Faucia (F+10)  Nadyne (F+8)  Modeline (F+6)  Edith (F+3)
                Daniela (F+1)  Robenson is 14  Lilian (F-6)  Milord (-10)  
Residence:  Riviere Froide (cold river), Carrefour, P-a-P
Past Primary Schools: St. Pierre & St. Josephs
Junior High & believed current: St. Teresa (aka  Petites Soeurs Ste 

  The mother of the child has never been privileged to learn to read or 
write.  I believe that the family dwells with and aunt who is the mothers 
sister and may go by the last name of Lucienne.  She has a son  2-3 years 
older than Robenson whose name I believe is Michel.  Robenson needed surgery 
in 1997 to correct a herniated umbilical  cord.  He was seen at  L'unite 
Medico Chirurggicale, 91 Rue Oswald Durano, P-a-P,  his Dr. was  Yolaine 
Bijou, the number was 57-5372.  I have had Robenson there on several 
occasions.  The CCF project which is abandoning him is or was Aperif Mission 
Project #1528.  The CCF (Fonds chretien De L'enfance)office is at 26 Rue 
Ducoste, in P-a-p, phone 22-6165, Madam Michel Mothersil is the Director and 
while she is polite to me I am afraid she believes me to be a bit of a pain 
in the back side.  Many of the employees there ( Verlaine, Yolene, Emmanella, 
Lionel, &/or Samuel) are friendly towards me but I do not speak Creole (or 
them English) well enough or to get information on how to help Robenson from 
them.  A person in P-a-P who is friendly towards me and has been to the 
Constance home is named Yvan Pierre.  Yvan was an employee of CCF (1 of their 
best in my humble opinion) but was let go by them because he was overly 
concerned with his charges.  He started his own program, called IMEC.  His 
home phone # was 55-7989 but I get no answer there.  Hopefully, this will 
provide you with enough information to establish contact with Robenson.  If 
you are able to reach him, please let me know and let me know how he feels I 
can best get his monthly sponsorship funds to him.  Again, thanks to anyone 
of you  responding to my cry for help.  I certainly mean no offense to anyone 
CHILD through any other program at this point.  I love the one God sent me 
and if He wills it, will see him through until he can make it on his own.