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6930: Re: 6913: Re: 6880: RE: 6790 - Exiled President Manus!!! (fwd)

From: Greg Bryant <gregandsusan@rainbowtel.net>

Sarah Belfort wrote:
>I am tired of seeing on this list the type of circular reasoning whereby
>anyone who has any criticism or reservations regarding elections or the
>government is therefore automatically an enemy of Aristide / lying / allied
>with Duvalieriest forces / all of the above.  Can't there be any room for

This stung a little because I've been guilty of assuming this and being
wrong. And in general I agree that it can discourage disagreement and
discussion. However, the assumption is not necessarily an error, and it
would also be a mistake to assume that anyone who cries "Dictator!" is a
champion of freedom and democracy. It's natural to wonder what the writer's
real motives are, and if the writer hasn't made them clear, it's fair, in a
political discussion, to guess. And, of course, to be prepared to be
corrected if we guess wrong.

Greg Bryant