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6934: Undergraduate Thesis on Haitian Migration to NYC (fwd)

From: Sarah Plimpton <splimpto@abacus.bates.edu>

[please respond directly to Sarah at the address above.]
 My name is Sarah Plimpton and I am a student at Bates College in
 Lewiston, Maine.  As a senior, I am currently writing my undergraduate
 thesis Haitian transnational identities with Professor Gina Ulysse and
 she has advised me to use this list. I am focusing on the ways in which
 one's class in Haiti affects the ways that Haitian immigrants construct
 social and cultural networks in New York City and simultaneously sustain
 connections with Haiti.

 I am very interested in learning about the personal experiences of Haitians
 in the New York City area.  I have lived in Brooklyn for my entire life and
 have some access to a few individuals.  I would like to expand my sample.
 If anyone would be willing to discuss their experience  or meet with me for
 an interview, I would appreciate it so much! Also, does anyone have any
 suggestions of other people or community  centers I might contact? Any
 suggestions and advice are more than welcome!

 Please be so kind as to contact me directly. My email address is

 Sarah Plimpton