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6939: Re: 6919: Cult of the personality (fwd)

From: Maxetluc@aol.com

Now that was an interesting point I haven't heard anyone mention before.

Of course if we can't even put names up I better get my paint out and erase 
something I did last June.  My old boss in the visa unit used to look at the 
graffiti on the walls and joke that he wanted to see some that said "Aba 
(insert his last name here)."  As a farewell I took a can of spray paint and 
gave him his wish on the wall opposite his house the night before he left.  I 
knew it was illegal and sophomoric, but I never thought about the 
constitutional implications.

But seriously, you do raise an interesting point.  The cult of personality is 
most definitely alive, well and actively encouraged here in Haiti.