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6948: Island Beat articles on Haiti of August 2000 now available in English. (fwd)

From: JVoordouw@aol.com

Dear folks,

As several list members have let us know, we have been slow in getting 
English translations of Island Beat articles up on our website 
(www.panosinst.org/Island).  We apologize, have just been overly busy, but 
are catching up though.  The English-language versions of the August 2000 
features are up now, and the ones for December 2000 (10 articles, on the site 
in French) will within 2 weeks be available in English also.

Among the August articles, No. 31, 33 and 34 treat environmental issues in 
Haiti, No. 32 relates to Antigua and Barbuda, No. 35 is on child labour in 
Jacmel, and No. 36 relates to HIV/AIDS.  I have included the titles below.

Best regards,

Jan Voordouw
Panos Institute

36 (August 2000, Fritznel Octave): Second tour of the Caravan against AIDS 
and the hope of youth
35 (August 2000, Nicole Simeon): Children without a childhood
34 (August 2000, Jean François St. Félix: Fishing in "Nan tikòk" : What are 
the perspectives? 
33 (August 2000, Strauss Vedrine): Wood has become a scarce commodity
32 (August 2000, J.C. Hillhouse): The Jumby Bay Project, Sustaining the Life 
of the Hawksbill Turtle
31 (August 2000, Fritznel Octave): PANDIASSOU-HAITI: The gospel walks 
hand-in-hand with action