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6950: Haiti:Recent dialogue -Pr release-Brussels (fwd)

From: patrick sylvain <sylvaipa@hotmail.com>

Haiti: recent dialogue initiative proposed by Haitian civil society

Press Release: Brussels (06-02-2001) - Press: 43 - Nr: 5924/01

Brussels, 6 February 2001
5924/01 (Presse 43)
P 26/01


Subject : Declaration by the European Union on the recent dialogue 
initiative proposed by Haitian civil society

The European Union takes note of the initiative of 18 January 2001 launched 
by major organisations of Haitian civil society with a view to resolving the 
political and constitutional crisis currently affecting the country.

It has been suggested to the political parties of Haiti by major segments of 
civil society that it is vital to resume a dialogue in order to overcome the 
obstacles to the achievement of political stability and democratic pluralism 
in the country. The initiative proposes the establishment of a negotiating 
Commission which would include representatives of civil society and of 
political parties.

The European Union warmly welcomes and expresses its support and strong 
interest in the proposed political initiative. The appeal, and the proposals 
made for the establishment of a dialogue, are a full response to the wish of 
the European Union to foster positive political developments in Haiti 
following the presidential and senatorial elections held in November last 

In this context, the European Union would like to declare its readiness to 
assist in the framework of a dialogue between the President, Mr 
Jean-Bertrand Aristide, his party Fanmi Lavalas, and the opposition in the 
Democratic Convergence, along the lines of efforts already undertaken by the 
Organisation of American States. It is of utmost
importance that all parties react favourably to the initiative and show 
evidence of the openness and reconciliation which Haitian society expects of 
the political class. Meanwhile, all sides are urged to refrain from 

The European Union is deeply concerned by the persistence of the political 
crisis in Haiti and regrets that no significant progress has been noted 
since the elections held on 26 November 2000. Only the resumption of a 
dialogue amongst all sections of Haitian society will enable the crisis to 
be swiftly resolved, which is indispensable for the future political and 
economic development of the country.



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