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6958: Dominique not "assassinated"? Re: 6941 (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

> Jean Dominique was killed...and that was terrible, but he was
> not assasinated. There is a difference between assasination and
> killing/murder. I agree with you, the murdering of old persons
> is surely terrible, but the murdering of anyone is likewise
> terrible: old or young.

I've been trying all day, but I can't get the aforementioned
statement out of my mind.   I'm trying to understand how it is
that Jean Dominique was "killed ... but ... not assassinated".

The AND Concise Dictionary

          to murder, especially for political or religious

The Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

     assassinate (v.t.,) as·sas·si·nate
          1. to kill suddenly or secretively, esp. a
     politically prominent person; murder premeditatedly and

the AND Concise Dictionary

          the act of unlawfully and intentionally killing a

>From The Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

     murder (n.) mur·der
          1. Law. the killing of another human being under
     conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S.,
     special statutory definitions include murder committed
     with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation
     or premeditation or occurring during the commission of
     another serious crime, as robbery or arson
     (first-degree murder), and murder by intent but without
     deliberation or remeditation" (second-degree murder)."

Excerpt from #3103

     PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ?? Two gunmen shot and killed
     Haiti's   _most prominent radio journalist_    as he
     pulled into the courtyard of his radio station for a
     Monday morning newscast.

Excerpt from #3165

     According to Marie Raphaelle Pierre, a journalist at
     Radio Haiti Inter, the killer presented himself at the
     gate of the station at around 6 am on Monday, and asked
     Louissaint to speak to Dominique.

     "The man said    _he didn't know Dominique_,    but
     that he needed to speak to him. He asked the caretaker
     to point Dominique out to him," said Pierre.

     When the unsuspecting caretaker duly pointed Dominique
     out, the man approached the station manager, who was
     just getting out of his car, and fired several shots at
     him. The gunman then returned to the gate, shot the
     caretaker and left, explained Pierre.

     Speculation is rife about the motive behind the

     "The murder of Jean Dominique     _can only be a
     political one_,"    said Jean-Claude Bajeux, former
     culture minister and a member of Dominique's wife's
     family. He, however, did not specify what particular
     sector might be responsible.


     Haiti's recent history has seen numerous
     _assassinations_    of major
     personalities -- ...

Excerpt from #3111

     Press Release

     3 April 2000

     The OAS Electoral Observation Mission expresses its
     outrage at the     _assassination_     this morning of
     the Director of Radio Haïti-Inter, Jean Léopold
     Dominique and Jean-Claude Louissaint, the radio?s
     janitor.  The Mission categorically condemns this
     apparently pre-meditated crime executed in cold blood
     and calls on the authorities to open a serious enquiry
     as soon as possible.

Excerpt from #3112

     The Haitian journalist, Jean Dominique, was
     assassinated today, Monday 3rd April, at around 6.30am,
     on the forecourt of his radio station:  Radio Haiti
     Inter. Armed men knocked down the station's
     nightwatchman, and then riddled the journalist with
     bullets. He was taken to Community Hospital at Freres
     where he died from his wounds (6 bullet wounds).
     Following the news of this     _assassination_,    the
     Prime Minister Alexis, President Preval and former
     President Aristide, as well as other officials, were at
     his bedside.

Excerpt from #3113

     The victim, who died at the Hôpital de la Communauté
     Haïtienne in Frères, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, had
     received     _many bullets_,    one of them in the

Excerpt from #3115

     Published Tuesday, April 4, 2000, in the Miami Herald
      Radio commentator shot dead_____ Death adds to Haiti's
     vote turmoil

      PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Gunmen ambushed and
     killed     _Haiti's best known radio journalist_
     early Monday, further fueling a deteriorating
     political and economic situation in the country. Jean
     Dominique, also an informal advisor to President Rene
     Preval, was shot by two gunmen who were waiting for him
     in what appeared to be a well-planned attack about
     6:10 a.m. (7:10 Miami time), after he pulled into the
     station grounds and was preparing to park. The
     _assassin_     hit him with     _at least seven
     bullets_,    then fled. Dominique died in an ambulance
     en route to a hospital. A station security guard was
     also killed. It was the third     _high-profile
     assassination_     in Haiti in a little over a year:

Excerpt from #3116

     But many are questioning whether the
     _assassination_     of Dominique signals ...

Excerpt from #3118

     Haitian-Americans in New York including Ricot Dupuy,
     the manager of Radio Soleil, the  Brooklyn cable radio
     station that carried Mr. Dominique's broadcasts, and
     Jean-Claude Bajeux, a former culture minister and a
     human rights advocate in Haiti, called it an
     _assassination_.     "He was killed to silence his


     The United States Embassy in Port-au-Prince expressed
     "great concern" over "the     _brutal slaying_."

Excerpt from #3126

     The local media, not all of whom were admirers of
     Dominique, showed a rare display of unity in condemning
     the     _assassination_     and expressing condolences
     to his family and concern about his death and the
     implications for free speech. The Roman Catholic and
     Protestant churches came together in a joint appeal for
     legislative elections in time to seat a new Parliament
     on June 12, and questioned why democracy had to be
     built on blood. Police said they were working around
     the clock on the    _ assassination_      and would not
     stop until they had identified the killers
     and the people behind them.

Excerpt from #3130

     an excerpt from a statement of Jean Dominique alluding
     to the fact that his life might be in danger. How
     coincidal is it that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Jean
     Dominique, among others, made speeches announcing
     their    _assassination_?

Excerpt from Le Monde April 4, 2000

      Jean Dominique, qui, depuis plus  de vingt ans,
     symbolisait la lutte des journalistes pour une société
     démocratique en Haïti. Les     _assassins_     qui
     l'ont abattu de sept balles, lundi 3 avril, ne lui ont
     pas laissé le temps de piquer l'une de ses colères

And finally, in excerpt from #3164 the House International
Relations Committee announced

     "As long-time supporters of Haiti and its people, we
     are outraged by the recent        _political
     assassinations_    in that country. Yesterday, the
     director of Radio Haïti-Inter, Jean Léopold Dominique
     and Jean-Claude Louissaint, the radio's janitor were