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6973: The Inauguration (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>
     The New President
     By Eugene Seagraves
     PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Rooters) - The inauguration is over; it was 
     splendid and joyous! There was no apparent oppposition demonstration, 
     and if there was, it merely demonstrated that the "`opposition" is 
     bacically impotent. The events of the morning (Wednesday, 7 Februaryy) 
     were happy and accentuated by the normally-beautiful Haitien weather 
     and the normally-beautiful Haitien people. The service in the 
     Port-au-Prince Cathedral was exciting and spiritually-moving, and left 
     one with a sense of enthusiasm and hope for the country. One comment, 
     made by one of the priests during the serfvice was that "we are happy 
     and filled with hope because we have a president who is our own choice.
        That was an important comment, made by a Haitien person and 
     reflecting the mind of the overwhelming majority of Haitiens. To be 
     sure, it does not reflect the feelings of the opposition group or of 
     the US government, but this is Haiti, and Aristide is the people's 
     choice, and it would behoove the so-called minority "opposition" to 
     decide that the peoples' choice needs also to be their choice. They 
     should also desist from following the patterns set by the USA, wherein 
     the people chose in the recent election, but the Electoral College 
     ignored that popular choice and made their own decision. What good is 
     a democratic election if it is not decided democratically?
        Aristide's popularity has in no way waned; conversely, it has grown 
     to include many others who previously suspected his intentions. 
     Aristide did not run away after his term was over! Aristide stayed and 
     helped to improve the country in many way from behind the scenes. 
     There was never a public bus service, but now there is "Service Plus". 
     There was never an official organization which had as its intention 
     that of feeding, healing, directing and helping those who needed help, 
     but now there is the Aristide Foundation. These are only two of the 
     examples. To see the wonderful improvements at the airport and the 
     roads to the airport; to look at the Champs de Mars today...more 
     beautiful than ever, and drive on the many improved roads, does show 
     that some things have been done.
        The USA did not "restore" Aristide to his eleccted position as 
     President of Haiti; popular opinion and international pressure did! 
     Then USA merely flew him home! Aristide did not build his "palatial 
     home" in Tabarre; Antoine Izmery did! Aristide does not live an 
     "opulent" life-style which has lost him much support,as George Gedda 
     wrote, and he had appeared frequently in public without trying to 
     "out-stage" Rene Preval.
        Paisley Dodds of the Associated Press wrote that the US government 
     "would not send an official delegation to Aristide's inauguration", 
     but it did! When the US Ambassador to Haiti...or anywhere for that 
     matter, attends an official event in another country, that IS an 
     official representation. US Ambassador Brian Dean Curran was at the 
     inauguration this morning! Likewise, the new Ambassador Curran 
     presented his credentials to the Haitian government only a few weeks 
     ago, and so he was officially accepted. He was appointed ambassador by 
     former President Clinton, and officially accepted by the Haoitian 
     government...the same government of which Aristide is now the 
     president. That implies that the US government "accepts" the election 
     of Aristide, and does not "accept" the stand of the Convergence group, 
     because they do not accept the election of Aristide. It appears to 
     this writer that there is a bit of confusion in other reporting on 
     this subject.
        Nevertheless, Haiti has a new president as of today. The Haitians 
     are happy and dancing in the streets. The opposition lost, officially 
     and publicly; better for them if they decide to work with the new 
     (RNS: 7 Feb 2001, P-a-P)