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6967: Re: 6941: Response to archim (fwd)

From: Sarah Belfort <sbelfort@haitiworld.com>

> From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

>         My comment on the "stealing of the ballot boxes" is not based upon
>      allegations; but upon fact. The photos of discarded ballots and boxes
>      at the time of the May election, were true and actual photos, but it
>      is somewhat important to note that those balllots had already been
>      counted! That's "yellow journalism" (which has been with us for years
>      and years!) and geared to lead the less-sharp reader to conclude that
>      the ballots were stolen  before being counted; not so in this case.
>      The story was investigated.

I by no means intended to engage in yellow journalism, and I apologize to
anyone who may have construed my "discarded ballots" comment as a statement
that those ballots were stolen before counting.  [By the way, are you now
saying that the ballots WERE stolen, after counting?]  I did not know about
the investigation, and had heard variously that the ballots in the photo
were previously counted, were blank, etc.  I was simply trying to point out
that not 100% of the ballots were properly accounted for shortly after the
election, and that this fact helped cast some doubt on the situation.

>         right now we need to
>      stand together and work to straighten out the country. My comments in
>      no way should be taken to infer that I am opposed to campaigning
>      (another mis-reading of my words!); I merely said that Aristide did
>      not even need to campaign!

I am sorry to have mis-read your words.

It might not look like it from my posts, but I actually would like to see
Aristide given a chance.  I care about Haiti, and I am prepared to give of
myself what I can to support or strengthen the country.  Part of what I am
trying to give is a sense of balance and perspective, hoping that we can
move beyond what I see as destructive dualism (as Guy Antoine referred to
it, the sort of Christ / Anti-Christ mentality).

All the best,